Transforming a Low-Cost Apparel Store into an E-Commerce Powerhouse

Transforming a Low-Cost Apparel Store into an E-Commerce Powerhouse

Nine months ago, we teamed up with an apparel store facing problems with low conversion rates and AOV. While having these challenges, they were simultaneously getting squeezed with increasing competition and as a result of this their sales in the last part of the year before had decreased. They wanted to improve their website to be able to profitably acquire more people to visit the store. The store hadn’t seen any improvements for the last two years, so it was time to unlock some latent potential.

The Challenge

The core challenge lies in enhancing conversion rate and average order value to ensure the store is indeed profitable on its advertising spend. In the last fourth quarter, they witnessed a substantial decline, heightening the urgency for rapid improvement. The client acknowledged that significant enhancements were required in their online store, and we embraced the challenge of turning the tide.

The Strategy

Our strategic approach to the project focused on increasing store revenue per visitor as our north star metric, and in just six months, we achieved a remarkable 76% boost in RPV. 

This transformation was driven by a combination of:

  1. Specific A/B Tests
  2. Customer Research
  3. Competitor Analysis
  4. UX and heuristic evaluations
  5. Store Speed Optimization.

A/B Testing for Success

Our A/B testing program played a pivotal role in the transformation, boasting an impressive 80% success rate on the tests. We meticulously tested key pages of the funnel, including product pages, collection pages, and cart page. Some noteworthy test examples included the implementation of a product page sticky header and a collection page with sticky filters, with results indicating substantial improvements in user engagement and conversions.

Product Page Sticky Header Test

Collection Page Sticky Filters Test

Improving the user experience via UX & heuristic evaluation

In addition to A/B testing, we introduced monthly theme updates, each aimed at enhancing the user experience and optimizing the conversion funnel. These updates resulted in a steady increase in Revenue per Visitor (RPV), contributing significantly to the overall 47% revenue growth over the six-month period.


Learn how you can also increase your store's eCommerce conversion rate today

Learn how you can also increase your store's eCommerce conversion rate today

Listening to Customers via customer research

To ensure continuous improvements, we implemented a comprehensive user research process. This process provided invaluable insights into customer preferences, product quality, and logistical aspects. The findings from user research became a crucial part of the store's ongoing strategy, enabling them to align their offerings more closely with customer expectations.

Improved data collection, leading to accurate data & findings

To enhance store performance monitoring, we developed a more accurate data-gathering system, providing them with real-time insights into their e-commerce operations. This enhanced data capability allowed for more informed decision-making and improved agility in responding to market changes and customer behavior.


By doing tests, improving the visual appeal of the website, listening to customers, and better data gathering, we turned a struggling store into a major success. 

  • Overall sales went up by 47%
  • RPV by 76%
  • Conversion rate by 68.12%
  • And AOV by 10%

This case study shows how improving a storefront can lead to significant results in. Overall, we haven't exhausted the possibilities yet and are still working to improve the user experience with faster site speeds and testing different upsells to improve the average order value further. We believe that the store still has extra potential unlock, even after diligently working to improve it for nine months.

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