Growing to 7 figures with Store Optimization

Growing to 7 figures with Store Optimization
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Improving Conversion Rate While Scaling the Store with Cold Traffic

Once the new owner acquired the store, he wanted CRO Gurus to come in and help boost both its revenue & valuation with a new storefront.

The store depends on fiercely competitive Google Shopping Ad searches for the majority of its traffic, so maximizing the revenue per user was paramount to the client's success. 

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The client did well with the products that it was the only Australian seller for but struggled to sell products where it had to compete with other sellers.

CRO Gurus successfully helped the client overcome this problem while the client scaled its traffic; we helped in improving the RPU, ending up with a 242% increase in revenue.

Introduction to the project

This brand is one of the largest wine sellers in Australia by selection. It focuses on selling premium wines both online and via its physical stores.

When the owner contacted CRO Gurus, they had an outdated storefront which they were looking to redesign according to the CRO best practices.

The owner had just bought the business and was looking for a partner with a solid track record to help them scale the store to the next level.

Key challenges at the start of the project

The key challenge of the brand was low conversion rates in general, the store did have an audience of buyers and a clear market for their products. However, the conversion rates were still very low, and the site needed optimization. 

  • Low conversion rates despite a clear market for their products making the brand unprofitable.
  • Old and challenging to modify storefront slowing down optimization efforts.
  • A complicated structure of custom apps in need of being transferred over to the new theme.
  • Lack of a clear strategy for improving the average order value.

The project flow and timelines

The Methodology

CRO Gurus applied the CG Ecommerce Growth Framework for this project. The first step was to come up with Store Development plan that is based on CRO best practices. 

CRO Gurus eCommerce Growth Framework

Later on we worked on figuring out which bucket has the bigger holes that is causing a lot of missed revenue. It was concluded that we should primarily focus our efforts on improving the product page. 

We found a handful of missed opportunities there that would help us maximize the revenue per user. The ongoing CRO consulting after the initial website improvements was a key to unlocking another level of success with both conversion rate & average order value improving over time. 

Ensuring a Flawless Technical Setup

Technical issues were uncovered with consistent and thorough testing. The goal of this was to ensure that the store worked flawlessly on all the most popular browsers and devices.

Technical Analysis Report


Learn how you can also increase your store's eCommerce conversion rate today

Learn how you can also increase your store's eCommerce conversion rate today


A 242% increase in year over year revenue. The wine company was able to more than double their conversion rate after the suggested website improvements were implemented. Furthermore, with the new, improved revenue per user level, the company was able to profitably scale their traffic & revenue significantly despite selling the same products as their competitors.

Month-to-month comparison

Comparison between the month before starting with CRO Gurus (January 2020), and the most recent complete month (August 2021).

Date Comparison: August 2021 VS January 2020

Client Feedback

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