8-figure advertorial funnel: Utilizing A/B testing for explosive growth

8-figure advertorial funnel: Utilizing A/B testing for explosive growth

Introduction to project

This 8-figure advertorial funnel client is a German-family-run factory specializing in hand care products since the 1890s.

This store is running a 3-stage sales funnel for their paid ads.

The key challenge of the brand was their advertorial and sales page were not converting well, but the results were going down over time as the competition was closing in on them.

Proposed solution

Improving any of these three pages will help the overall store performance. We will get that multiplier effect by improving the advertorial page, sales page, checkout page for a multiplied impact. 

We ran multiple A/B tests to optimise these pages to know which approaches worked in this scenario.

The three main A/B tests that stand out the most are: 

  • Checkout badge test
  • Advertorial page headline test
  • Reviews section test on the product page

Checkout badge test

The goal is to eliminate some of the friction that stops or delays the user from completing the checkout process. Originally, the logos looked like icons and didn’t fully impose authority or security. 

And so, we concluded that this might be the reason why some users are abandoning the checkout page. So, here are the reasoning behind the selected logos:

Better Business Bureau (BBB). Is a heavily known entity in the US especially with our target audience. So having this logo helps alleviate concerns regarding payments and not getting proactive. 

McAfee Secure. Is one of the more known internet security providers. With this logo, we are helping customers to feel secure about paying with their credit card on the checkout page. 

PayPal Verified. Is another authority logo that is very known in the US. Many people trust PayPal, and it’s one of the premium payment gateways. 

Checkout badge test result

After putting our hypothesis into a test, we saw a 20.08% increase in the eCommerce conversion rate and a total of 20.35% increase in revenue.

Advertorial page test

After optimizing the checkout page, we continued with the Advertorial “headline” test.  We ran the A/B test on four variants: 

Variant 1: "This is what happens when you leave your parents alone in lockdown" (With a bad nail clipper)

Variant 2: "Why would a doctor say 'This is the last toenail clipper my mom will ever need?'"

Variant 3: "Lockdown mom finally finds the solution to her thick and long toenails." (Ideal for seniors)

Variant 4: "Getting older means holding a nail clipper isn't easy as it once was" (But we have a solution for you)

Advertorial page test result

Headline 3, “Why would the doctor say, “This is the last toenail clipper my mom will ever need?” won this experiment. 

Looking at the data on the right, we can see that there is a  27.18% increase for the calculated eCommerce conversion rate. 

Improving the conversion rate from 2.17% to 2.76%. 

The psychology behind the headline winner

To understand this better, below is the psychology behind this winning headline: 

“Why would the doctor say” triggers the curiosity of the reader. Switching the question from “Is this true?” to “Why do they say so?” Additionally, the word “doctor” brings more authority to the copy. 

“This is the last toenail clipper” conveys that this product lasts for a long time because it’s very durable. 

“My mom will ever need” outlines the target audience who are elderly people. 


Learn how you can also increase your store's eCommerce conversion rate today

Learn how you can also increase your store's eCommerce conversion rate today


A/B testing is expensive but can also be very rewarding; with a solid process and reasoning outlined in this document, it changes from a lottery to a more systematic approach.

The result of this systemized approach is that:

  1. You will realize results faster as less time is wasted on testing things that don't work. We will launch missiles instead of spraying bullets.
  2. You will derive more insights from the testing because we are testing hypotheses, not just testing things and hoping they will work out. 
  3. The testing program improves over time because we are building upon previous findings.

As seen in this case study, when done strategically, A/B testing can be an excellent tool for significantly enhancing your business.

Client Review

“HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to anyone who is looking for a REAL CRO service. Samuel and the team are very professional, highly skilled, and a pleasure to work with.” -CEO & Founder

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