How CRO Gurus helped eCommerce merchant duplicate its Amazon success on Shopify

How CRO Gurus helped eCommerce merchant duplicate its Amazon success on Shopify

This brand is a well-known producer of air wellness appliances for modern homes and offices. Their product line is composed of air purifiers and replacement filters. The company is committed to bringing a unique multi-stage filtration system that can capture both physical particles while also removing harmful chemicals and gases in the air. 

When the CEO contacted CRO Gurus, they had had some good success on Amazon. Still, they struggled to communicate that success on Shopify and have that success carry over to their Ecommerce store. Hathaspace as a business was solely reliant on Amazon.

The key challenge of the brand was low conversion rates in general; The brand did have an audience of buyers and a transparent market for their products. However, the monthly Shopify sales were low (10’000 USD per month).

Key challenges at the start of the project
  • The brand is struggling with traffic strategy due to the website being suboptimal.

  • Lack of subscription revenue leading to a lower customer lifetime value.

  • No structure in place for store optimization efforts, leading to a lack of focus and overwhelm.

  • Almost no new visitors were ordering the product. The  visitors were likely to spill over traffic from Amazon.

  • Technical overwhelm with the Shopify storefront.

Iterative small improvements over time

The success of this brand was more of a result of multiple iterations leading to small changes that added up over time.

We took this approach since the site was fundamentally not broken, and the client didn’t want to take significant risks with a new redesign. Because of this, the client was a great fit for our bi-weekly sprint program, where we work on an area every two weeks.

However, there were still a couple of major change initiatives that we listed on the next slide.

Utilizing subscriptions for recurring revenue

Air filters are durable by default (generating few ongoing sales), so we pushed the replacements filters as a subscription product to create a recurring revenue stream.

Key factors:

  • Implementing Recharge for subscriptions and making subscriptions the default choice with discounts.
  • Prioritizing filters on the site structure.
  • Filter upsell flows and reorder reminders.
  • Aligning Klaviyo flows to support the subscription objective.

Cutting out the distractions

Hathaspace lacked focus was still selling air diffusers in their store. We recommended eliminating these products as they were priced low and not that popular.

The decision to focus purely on air purifiers and filters was a key to the Hathapaces new branding.

Focusing on the explanation

There were three major areas for Hathaspace to explain well:

  1. The products and the technology are superior & trustworthy.
  2. The use cases there were and how to sell to those people.
  3. Having people understand and buy into technical superiority with the filtration system.

This product is trustworthy and works

We tackled this with multiple angles utilizing third-party proof, customer testimonials & product demonstrations. The goal was to make sure that we had fully covered any possible performance and quality concerns.


Learn how you can also increase your store's eCommerce conversion rate today

Learn how you can also increase your store's eCommerce conversion rate today

Use cases and three buyer groups
  • We helped Hathaspace identify their three core buyer groups: Home, businesses & public indoor spaces.
  • As a result, we were able to speak to each of these groups tackling their particular challenges & providing testimonials to support their purchasing decisions.

Explaining the filtration difference
  • Hathaspace makes the majority of its profits selling filters as a subscription. Getting people to enroll in these subscriptions is key to the success of Hathaspace. 
  • We wanted to take the approach that most air purifier customers should also end up subscribing to the filters.
  • This was also a differentiation factor for Hathaspace because their filters were more advanced than the typical filters offered by most air purification manufacturers.

Filtration difference examples

Key Results

The brand increased its conversion rate by 70% despite scaling its traffic in the first six months with CRO Gurus.  With the new, improved RPV (revenue per visitor) the company was able to profitably scale their paid traffic significantly, resulting in a revenue increase of 975%.

Result: The store grew from $130’000 of yearly sales to $1,4 million.

  • CRO Gurus helped Hathaspace take its website & brand to a new level where it was no longer reliant on Amazon sales to grow as a company.
  • Hathaspace continues to re-invest in its business, constantly innovating new product lines and seeking to stay at the cutting edge with its evolving collection of air purifiers. 
  • Hathaspace has since expanded to offline retail as well & become a competitive player in the competed in-door air purification market.

Client Review

“Samuel and his team are excellent. He is great at communication, strategy, and actual implementation. I recommend him whether you are just getting started, or have a fully developed business but are looking to refine it even further.” -Hunter, CEO

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