How a journal brand increased their revenue through the power of upselling

How a journal brand increased their revenue through the power of upselling

About this Client

Founded in 2019, this small but motivated family owned company specializing in creating journals about most people’s bucket lists, launched its first bucket journal to help people bring adventure into their life. 

They specializes in creating journals that gives a dedicated place for things that people dream about, plan, and to record the memories of bucket list adventures.

Before working with CRO Gurus, this brand had: 

  • An average monthly revenue of $70,000
  • Average order value is around $52
  • Conversion rate of 2.3%

Key challenges at the start of the project
  • The last 6 months before starting with the client  conversion rate was getting lower. This was affecting advertising budget.
  • Client was looking for store improvements to increase conversion rate and AOV to continue advertising and be profitable.

The road to achieving successful result

Upsell Set-up

We set up a total of 15 upsells for the most popular products. We set up pre-purchase upsell and one (1) post purchase upsells for each funnel.

This setup generated the following sales as shown in the image below: 

  • Post-Purchase upsells $3,294.10
  • Pre-Purchase upsells $5,660.92 

Results: A total revenue of $8,995.02 has been generated through One-Click Upsell in roughly two months

Example of the upsell set up that we did

After two months of optimizing our upsell strategy, we were able to find the most ideal layout for both post-purchase and pre-purchase offers.

We took these findings and applied them to all 15 upsell funnels, resulting in an increase in conversions and revenue. By leveraging the upsell strategy, we were able to deliver a better customer experience and ensure that all customers are presented with the best offers suited to their needs.

Here's an example of the upsell strategy that we've implemented: 

Upsell strategy: Showing a preview of what's inside the journal


Within the first week of adding upsells, the client was able to generate an additional $1,664 in revenue from customers already purchasing at least one journal.

This extra income has allowed the brand to reinvest in their product, providing even more value to their customers.


Learn how you can also increase your store's eCommerce conversion rate today

Learn how you can also increase your store's eCommerce conversion rate today

Results (AOV)

The average order value went from $53 to $82 (for those who took an upsell)

The Methodology

We applied the CRO Gurus Ecommerce Growth framework to this project and the initial analysis concluded that there were likely usability issues causing low mobile conversion rates.

The site looked great - professional and fancy - but it just wasn't selling. Furthermore, Analytics data was too limited to accurately pinpoint the exact problems.

As a result of the analysis, attention was paid specifically to best practices, technical functionality and mobile usability. 


With these improvements the client was able to confidently scale advertising. After the initial suggestion and amazing results we created an upsell strategy with a goal to further increase AOV.

Result: With the help of CRO Gurus client increased its revenue by 114% and almost doubled the conversion rate.

Client Feedback

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