Achieveing traction in a new market

Achieveing traction in a new market

Key challenges at the start of the project

This brand is an international performance and weight loss protein brand targeting women on Instagram.

When the client contacted CRO Gurus, they had had decent success already in Sweden but was struggling to repeating that success with their Finnish Ecommerce store.

The key challenge of the brand was low conversion rates for Finland, even though the product had proven already proven itself in similar markets the sales were low.

As a result of low RPV (revenue per visitor) the client was not profitable with paid ads even at relatively low spend levels.

The framework

CRO Gurus applied a simplified ConversionXL framework for this project. The initial analysis had concluded that there are probably issues with both usability and trust.

As a result, attention was paid specifically to mobile usability (high % of users were using the site on mobile) and making the site look legitimate to help overcome resistance to trying a new brand of a nutritional product. 

The end deliverables included:
1. The site walk-through analysis.
2. The technical analysis.


Learn how you can also increase your store's eCommerce conversion rate today

Learn how you can also increase your store's eCommerce conversion rate today

Both of these were prioritized for focus areas based on the Google Analytics data.

The Result

The client was able to more than double their conversion rate after the suggestions were implemented. With the new improved RPV (revenue per visitor) the company was able to profitably scale their paid traffic significantly.

Result: 755% increase in revenue and the business becoming profitable.

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