Saving a Failing Brain Supplement Store

Saving a Failing Brain Supplement Store

Introduction to project

This eCommerce store is a brain performance supplement aiming to provide better brain health and performance via its special ingredient, digestible NAD+. It is a doctor-formulated supplement for focus, concentration and cognitive support.

When the CEO contacted CRO Gurus, they had had some initial success with the supplement but were struggling to communicate that success online and have that success carry over to their Ecommerce store.

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The key challenge of the brand was low conversion rates in general, they have an audience of buyers and a clear market for their products. However, the conversion rates were still very low, and most of the sales were coming from doctors buying the product for their patients.

The process of achieving the results

When we set out to achieve our goal of increasing the current conversion rate of the store, we knew that a couple of things had to be done.

So we created a clear plan and mapped out exactly what we wanted to achieve and how we were going to get there. Here are the things that helped us achieved the results we wanted:

CRO Gurus methodology

CRO Gurus applied the CG Ecommerce Growth framework for this project. The initial analysis had concluded that there are probably issues with mobile conversion rates related to usability issues.

The site itself looked nice, fancy and professional but it just wasn’t selling. Another problem was that we lacked significant data to judge these problems points solely from Analytics.

As a result, attention was paid specifically to best practices, technical functionality and mobile usability. Additionally we helped overcome resistance to trying a new brand of a nutritional product.

Ensuring a flawless technical setup

Technical issues were uncovered with consistent and thorough testing. The goal of this was to ensure that the store worked flawlessly on the most popular browsers and devices.

Subscription upsells as a key to revenue

The goal was to improve customer lifetime value radically.

Key factors:

  • Making subscriptions the default choice on the product page.
  • Upselling a switch to a subscription post-purchase.
  • Incentivizing subscriptions by reducing the price by 19.8%

Learn how you can also increase your store's eCommerce conversion rate today

Learn how you can also increase your store's eCommerce conversion rate today

Supercharging email with Klaviyo

We also did a full Klaviyo account audit with actionable suggestions on what to improve. All the key Klaviyo flows has been built together with the client's team. We have created over 30 emails in total.

The long-term revenue from Klaviyo flows before the engagement was 15%, we were able to almost double that with our newly implemented flows.

Dominating a cold audience with a focused landing page


This brain supplement store was able to more than double their conversion rate after the suggestions were implemented.

With the new improved RPV (revenue per visitor) the company was able to profitably scale their paid traffic significantly.

Result: 1,426% increase in revenue and the business becoming profitable.

Data coverage: March 21, 2020 to May 26, 2020

Client feedback
“Samuel is not only articulate, detailed, and organized - he is especially good at what he does. He is focused and efficient and provides excellent recommendations. He was easy to work with and adapted to our schedule despite significant differences in location. I highly recommend Samuel.” -Founder, Brain supplement store

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