How store optimization helped an accessory Brand sell $5 Million worth of earplugs in their first 8 months

How store optimization helped an accessory Brand sell $5 Million worth of earplugs in their first 8 months
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Kickstarter campaign

This brand was initially  introduced to the market as a Business Idea on Kickstarter - a crowdsourcing platform: 

The company develops solid titanium micro ear plugs that isolate you from noise. Launched in July 2016 and in their first 8 months, the brand hit $5 MILLION in online sales.

The Product

An important thing that differentiates this brand from its competitors is the advancement of a very common product (earplugs).

We were able to highlight the unique features and benefits that other products didn’t offer. This emotion of novelty is what we wanted the brand to display on their website.

The Offer

Having a great product is not enough. It is the offer that will really make the killer-effect.

Here’s their offer:

  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Product warranty for 12 months. 
  • 10% off for the next purchase.
  • Free Courier Shipping worldwide for certain products.

It is about clearly differentiating from the traditional earplugs. It emotes and relates to the visitors’ problems and amplifies them.

Problem → Agitation (Adding a feeling to the problem) →  Solution.

  • The product was successfully placed in a context that the targeted customers would like to indulge in.
  • Images and videos support the story flow of people enjoying  the product benefits. 
  • The content sets a new standard on what to expect from earplugs. The point of the display is to make it a must-have product.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics data accuracy need to be assured 

Conversion per browsers 

Conversion per devices are not optimal 

Conversions per Countries varies. Some countries are clearly underperforming.

  • A geo targeted message informing them of the shipping to their country. This could for example be placed on top of every page in with information bar.
  • Enable Demographics and Interest Reports.
    Main benefits: better segmentation and remarketing opportunities. Learn more about the buyers and segments that are converting well. This way you can allocate your ads budgeting better as well.
  • Configure goals for the funnel visualization and goal flow report.

Clickmap and Heatmap Analysis

Findings 1: 4% of people are clicking the products on the header to view more.

Delete unnecessary elements. For example: ‘Free shipping worldwide on all orders over €43.53 EUR.’ text 

Findings 2: A lot of people are clicking on the FAQ page.

Information should be added: for example: Shipping times and costs.

Findings 3: The buyers show interest to product size.

The linking between isolate and isolate mini needs to work well. 


Learn how you can also increase your store's eCommerce conversion rate today

Learn how you can also increase your store's eCommerce conversion rate today

Findings 4 (mobile): People are tapping on the cart button when they are on the cart page.

Perhaps, people are looking to go back and close the cart. This is a tradeoff from having people guided to the cart directly, however in this case this still makes sense.


Result 1: Initial success and cash flow enabled the focus on new products. 

The business has rapidly expanded with an entire product line with different functions.

Result 2: The company sold over 200,000 of its ISOLATE® ear protectors in 2016, has raised over £2 million via crowdfunding, and has grown its workforce from six employees to 27 after five years.

Result 3: Total estimated uplift from store optimization efforts: 18% - Yearly 1´080´000 pounds. (With 6 million pounds of revenue in 2017).

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